2021 Planet Collection Champions [DVD]

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Relive the thrilling moments of the 2021 Planet Series Champions with this unique DVD established. Observe as your beloved workforce battles its way to victory in this motion-packed assortment of highlights and driving-the-scenes footage. Celebrate with the champions as they elevate the trophy and make record in this should-have for any baseball fan. Get your copy of the 2021 Earth Collection Champions [DVD] right now and encounter the magic of successful it all!

11 reviews for 2021 Planet Collection Champions [DVD]

  1. William J. Harper

    A must have for Braves fans
    Some folks gave the video a less than stellar rating because it did not deal with the Atlanta Braves season. They totally missed the point. These MLB sponsored videos exist solely as in depth records of each year’s World Series. In that regard, this blu ray does a fantastic job! As a huge Braves fans, I could not ask for a better keepsake of Atlanta’s ascension to the top of the baseball world. I savored every moment and will likely revisit it many times in the years to come. Highly recommended.

  2. James M Boulware

    Not sure why others didn’t rate this 5 stars. This is a highlight video. All the highlights of the World Series! Relive your favorite moments. Great video, interviews and commentary. Also has bonus features of all the Walk-Off hits in 2021, video of the clinching moments for winning division, NLDS and NLCS, plus a short video on the World Series parade in Atlanta & Marietta. Overall a fantastic Blu-ray Disc. Everything A true Braves fan will love. Gets you pumped up for the 2022 season!

  3. Bill L.

    Great Way to free up space from the DVR
    I’ve waited since 1995 to see my beloved Atlanta Braves win the WS again, and was keeping on my DVR, to be able to watch the games again, whenever I wanted… this set, gave the option of being able to delete those games from my DVR, and recover a ton of space, while still allowing me to watch these games, anytime I want.

  4. Lily P

    Thoroughly enjoyable on all levels
    “My” team didn’t make the World Series this year (or any recent year, for that matter), but this is great entertainment for Baseball fans, in general, and definitely for those (like myself) who tend to root for the underdog. The narration by Ludacrus was outstanding , the interviews and replays interesting and fun, and an all around good time and good “watch.”

  5. Jacob Lipsiner

    Must have for any Braves fan.
    This is a must have for any Braves fan who wants to relive history. There’s no commercials. Just baseball. It includes the parade and Game 6 of the NLCS as well as all the World Series games. If you are a Braves fan you must get this.

  6. lets_reviewthis

    Go Braves!!
    We bought one for ourselves and also one as a Christmas gift to my boyfriend’s dad. He loved it and so do we. Great quality and quick shipping. This is a must have for Braves fans, definitely recommend!!

  7. Jeremy A. Medlock

    Excellent Quality
    As a Braves fan, I couldn’t wait for the DVD to become available. When it first was released in December, it was almost $20. After waiting 2 months, I found it to be cheaper.

  8. Charles J. Baker

    Detailed film of the Braves’ World Series victory over the Houston Astros. A lot of things we didn’t see in the FOX TV broadcast. A must have for all Braves fans.

  9. Franco Honesto

    Edición de la serie mundial del año 2021, entre los Astros de Houston vs Bravos de Atlanta. Paquete que contiene 8 discos. 6 corresponden a la serie mundial, uno más con el juego #6 de la final entre Bravos vs Dodgers y un disco más con un documental de la serie mundial 2021. Por ahora me enfoqué en ver el disco del juego 6 y la calidad es inmejorable, además de que puedes escuchar el juego en inglés: 1. DTS-HD 2.0, transmisión de tv; 2. DTS-HD 2.0, transmisión radio network Houston; 3. DTS-HD transmisión radio network Atlanta y 4. DTS-HD 2.0 en español. Es una magnífica oportunidad para recordar la serie, si eres fan de los Bravos.Punto en contra. En algunas partes del juego, el audio en español se interrumpe y se queda en silencio y después de unos minutos regresa, incluso en inglés también presenta ese problema.

  10. concerned_fan

    John Smoltz really makes the games, with his pitcher’s insights into how to shut down the bats of the Astros.Clear, crisp Blu Ray, with a few audio issues not corrected from the original broadcast.Very limited post game, with no real logic around when the post game coverage ends.Cannot find a fault, other than the incredibly low audio quality of the Spanish broadcast

  11. Dr. Moyle

    The wrong team won. I only purchased this to keep my video collection of every World Series up to date. Otherwise like the stinking’ r-D s-x whom I DETEST with a vengeance down with this pseudo team from Atlanta

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