At any time Shed: Dropped Boys of Neverly Prep Series, E book 1

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I made a huge mistake.

No, not breaking into Panchard Enterprises, I did that on purpose. It was the getting caught part that changed everything. Instead of prison, Peter Panchard offers me a deal; steal something for him and he’ll help me find my little sister.

Now I’m at Neverly Prep wearing a uniform and trying to get close to Lucas Hook, the guy whose safe I need to crack. Did I mention the car and mansion and black card that goes along with this deal? Or the three boys so damned good-looking it should be illegal?

They are the Lost Boys and they definitely don’t want me intruding into their lives. Something’s going on and I’m sure it has to do with their missing mother, Wendi. Peter warns me to stay away from his boys, to do what I’m being paid for, but at every turn, the sparks fly between us.

I have a job to do and a sister to find, and getting involved with three guys who are off-limits is a bad idea. Especially when Hook is their enemy. But when has a little forbidden ever stopped me?

I’m Ever Darlington and I’ve never been very good at following the rules.

Contains mature themes.

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Dive into the captivating environment of At any time Dropped with the initial e-book in the Missing Boys of Neverly Prep Sequence. Adhere to the thrilling adventures of a group of learners who uncover them selves misplaced in a mysterious and harmful realm. Can they navigate their way back to truth, or will they be trapped in At any time Missing endlessly? Be a part of the Missing Boys on their journey of survival, friendship, and discovery in this gripping tale of magic and secret. Don’t pass up out on this fascinating new twist on the vintage boarding faculty tale. Get missing in the webpages of At any time Lost today!

13 reviews for At any time Shed: Dropped Boys of Neverly Prep Series, E book 1

  1. K. Hall

    I dove into this book without reading the blurb and I loved every word written. Ever is a BAB doing whatever it takes to find her sister, even when her emotions come into play. Can’t wait to dive into the second book.

  2. Sweets

    Just wow..Had me hooked.
    What a wonderful book. Love Ever’s character. She is strong confident and willing to do anything to find her sister. I do love the bond between the brothers. However I do not like the relations with each of them. Reason for my 4 stars. Riot should be the only one for her. Dont like reverse harem. But let’s see how book 2 comes along cant wait.

  3. Chrystin

    Good first bullymance
    I was so excited to read this book! I loved the loose tie to Peter pan and to see what the author would do with that. She made such a wonderful love story that leaves you craving more. It is a great read for someone on the fence about bully books. The bullying is very light and the story line fantastic! Definitely give it a read so you can suffer like me waiting for the next book.

  4. Amanda Castillo

    Five stars!!
    Holy hotness! Ever and the LB are amazing! These characters feel much pain and longing! They have all lost someone that means the world to them and will do anything to get those people back! This book is full of secrets and twists and turns. I have so many questions that I hope are answered in the next book! Truly amazingly written!

  5. Lindsay

    When reading the synopsis, I was very intrigued to read this book. I enjoyed the plot however the characters feel a little flat for you. I was hoping that Ever would’ve been more of a badass but I just felt she was weak. I didn’t really feel the connection between her and the three boys. I think because it was a fast burn, it’s hard to feel any sort on connections with the characters on my part.Overall I did enjoy the read but I wanted more character development and more of a connection with the characters.

  6. Joanne Makiha

    The real story
    Who’s the big, bad wolf? Ever just wants her sister back, but is having to jump thru hoops to achieve it. Feisty, kickass but with a hint of broken, the Lost Boys soon find that she is exactly like them. Awesome storyline, totally worth reading

  7. LindsB

    Good read!
    I enjoyed reading Ever Lost. I think the author did a great job at writing a book that told an engaging story. However, there was a lot going on in this story, which I understand to a degree because it’s book one of a series. But I feel like I’m coming out with way more questions than answers and I’m hoping they start getting answered in the next book.

  8. Kim

    Love this book and series! If you love Petter Pan than this is the book for you to start reading right away!!! The lost boys Riot, Baz and X are all hot males at Neverly Prep Academy. Than there is Ever Darlington who breaks into the boys dad Peters work place to find info on her lost sister . Peter makes a deal with Ever to come live with him and steal a time peace from a neighbor in return or go to jail.

  9. Misty

    This book is loosely based on Peter Pan. Ever is a strong but damaged girl who gets on offer from Peter to find her sister if she does something for him. Accepting his offer she’s swept into a world she doesn’t fit into. Peter’s hot and equally damaged sons are perfect for her and they belong together, but of course that would be to easy…lol. I’m off to read book 2.

  10. Carlottie

    This is a really unique take on the Peter Pan and Neverland story, and although the very basics are there its so totally different I enjoyed the ‘oh yeah’ moments when I noticed the links- very cleverly done. I always feel like its the sign of a really good book when Im swept along with the character’s feelings and this book takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions! Reading it is Like an adrenalin rush and I felt angry and sad simultaneously whilst reading.I didn’t always (Or often really) like the the FMC although misunderstood the motives behind her actions. Her boys.. swoon… I can’t wait to read the next and find out how they move forward.Congratulations L.E. Bross on a really well written and engaging book!

  11. Kindle Customer

    The story line is amazing, the tension between the lb and mc is intense can’t wait until next book, I was blown away by this book and the way the characters interacted

  12. jacq

    Peter Panchard. Really? Well he’s certainly like Pan that’s for sure.Ever get busted breaking into panchard enterprises and then gets the offer of a lifetime. Unfortunately for her it comes with strict rules and three hot boys that she wants to break the rules for!This was a refreshing view of high school life none of the female on female bullying you’d expect so it set it apart in my view.I like Meri, although why she is going with Tyler is beyond me!Can Ever hold up her end of the bargain deliver what Peter wants?4⭐️

  13. Kindle Customer

    Not much of a review writer but wanted to give support to this author. Absolutely adore these characters and this storyline. Can’t wait for the next book

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