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Introducing McCloud Complete: The Entire 7 Seasons Plus Bonus “The 4” DVD Box Set!

Sign up for the iconic lawman Sam McCloud as he solves crimes and fights for justice in this thrilling television series spanning 7 motion-packed seasons. Follow McCloud as he navigates the bustling streets of New York Metropolis and the rugged terrain of the American West, usually a single move forward of the criminals he pursues.

This DVD box established also consists of a reward featurette, “The 4,” providing even extra unique articles for admirers of the demonstrate. With all 7 seasons and bonus product involved, McCloud Entire is the ideal addition to any Tv exhibit assortment.

Knowledge the drama, suspense, and exhilaration of McCloud like in no way prior to with this extensive DVD box set. Order your copy of McCloud Comprehensive right now and immerse oneself in the entire world of 1 of TV’s most beloved lawmen.

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  1. Mike

    He’s a Cowboy in New York
    This is a series about a Marshal from Taos,New Mexico who is sent to New York to catch a prisoner and bring him back. But then is transferred to New York to learn and study the police procedures over there. It starred Dennis Weaver who had played Chester on the long-running TV series “Gunsmoke” for 9 nine years.McCloud ran for 7 seasons and it is with delight that I have to say VEI have pulled out all the stops in producing this DVD. It has the pilot episode of McCloud as well as the 7 seasons as mentioned. But it also has the hour long episodes that were shown under the “Four in One” umbrella series which it shared with three other series. It was brought back the next year under the umbrella series “The NBC Mystery Movie” which was expanded in length to over an hour sometimes two hours.Season One under the NBC Mystery Movie umbrella is actually the six episodes previously shown under the Four-in -One series only with two episodes from each show edited together to expand it with voice-overs to connect the episodes into one.Also here is “The Return of Sam McCloud” aTV movie which aired 12 years after the series ended in 1977The series also co-starred Terry Carter as Sgt Joe Broadhurst. Early in his career he had appeared in a semi -regular role on “The Phil Silvers Show” and as Col. Tigh on Battlestar Galactica later on. J.D. Cannon played the hard put upon chief of police. He was excellent in this role. Diana Muldaur played Chris Coughlin a female reporter who becomes McCloud’s girlfriend. She would later play Dr Pulaski on “Star Trek: The Next Generation”.Dennis Weaver’s son also appears in some episodes as a different villain in each.Two of my favourite episodes are called “This Must be the Alamo” and “Return to the Alamo”. The first one involves Chief Clifford having to go out of town and puts Sgt Broadhurst in charge only to return to find there has been a shoot-out with gunman at the police precinct and the whole office has been shot to smithereens. He walks into his own office and the glass windows to his office falls in. In the second one he goes home with the flu saying to Sgt Broadhurst that he is giving him a second chance of being in charge and not to let him down this time. His promotion depends on it. He returns a few days later to find out a bomb was planted at the precinct and the whole office has been blown up.He walks through the debris of what was once his office and sits down in his chair near where his desk used to be, looking on in disbelief.Of course there were times where he is always called up in the middle of the night by McCloud waking him and his wife up.In one his dutiful wife asks if she should get him a pill to relax. He reply’s “bring the whole bottle. The one marked McCloud”.Of course there was situations allowing McCloud to ride a horse down the streets of New York as well as in Sydney,Australia, Moscow and London when he was in those cities to the surprise of everyone there.As mentioned above the show was brought back in a TV special 12 years later. Everyone looking older with grey hair. The Sgt is now the Chief and the Chief is now the Commissioner with McCloud having become a senator for New Mexico. They are all brought back together when McCloud’s niece is murdered.As a senator McCloud gets to make a speech about ecology at a convention. Dennis Weaver in later years had become interested about the environment in real life.I believe that McCloud was based on a movie called “Coogan’s Bluff” starring Clint Eastwood back in 1968.A good sometimes tongue-in -cheek series.

  2. RAY

    Very Good Item
    Thank you for an easy delivery, pleasant transaction. Excellent Seller. A+

  3. Golden Egg

    Sunday Night Mystery Movie Presents: McCloud
    I was a fan of the Sunday Night Mystery Movie on NBC as a youngster. I remember McCloud, Columbo, Mac and Wife along with many others. They would cycle the shows so that we would get seven shows a season for the most part. This meant more time was taken to write the scripts and make the show.This isn’t going to be a review of the show but a review of the DVD box set. It contains the first season which consisted of the original pilot along with the six hour long episodes edited together to create three television movies for the Mystery Movie. It also contains the original hour long episodes as two bonus disks as well so one can watch them as they were originally shown when McCloud debuted. The edited television movies don’t make too much sense so watching the individual episodes instead is recommended.We also get the next six seasons of the McCloud we all knew and loved. There are a few Mac and Wife movies thrown in as there are only two movies on each disk. Also, we get the television movie sequel in which McCloud runs for the US Senate. They are all in order of when they were broadcast (except for the first season in which we get the television movies instead instead of the original hour episodes. All six hour episodes are on a bonus disk).The packaging is the only problem as each of the disks are in a slip cover that is attached to the box. Removing them without touching the main disk can be tricky so I moved the disks to double DVD cases which makes it easier to take out when I want to watch the shows.If one wants to see these shows in their entirety and not get interrupted by the countless ads on television stations, this DVD box set is a must have. It is a rather decent deal for what you get as well.

  4. Fred WItta

    Provides a different setting for a mystery. Refreshing to watch.

  5. Kathryn Crews

    Law western style.
    I really loved these shows. Dennis Weaver was great

  6. Dannan Tavona

    Classic whodunit series
    Dennis Weaver really shines as the lead in this series from the 1970s. Some of the writing is uneven, and that tells me they weren’t as versed in police procedurals as they should have been. In one movie, McCloud is shot at from above out in a park, but the police can’t find the bullets in the grass. I’m going, Hello? Metal detectors? In another, McCloud visits Taos, and his boss complains about justifying his budget to the city council. Hello? Federal Marshals are paid by the federal government! Foreign travel? Ever hear of Interpol to share case info? Yeah, sometimes the writing wasn’t terribly well thought out.However, despite plot shortcomings, it’s the interactions between Weaver, J.D. Cannon and Terry Carter that sell this, and Diana Muldaur has good chemistry with him. This was one of the breakout shows that originated with NBC Mystery Movie series. Sadly, Heck Ramsey didn’t do as well, but Columbo and McMillan and Wife spun off to their own shows. Fun to see these shows again, and Weaver really sells the cowboy charm.Not a fan of the CD sleeves used in this packaging, but it’s better than multiple discs stored together on single spindles used by other companies.With seven seasons, there are several movies to watch. More fun to watch with a friend, either with popcorn or whatever. Only through season2 at the moment, but enjoying it thus far.

  7. NanaT

    Very entertaining 70’s police detective show–nothing quite like the opening sequence of McCloud riding his galloping horse down the streets of New York. Wonderful to have the complete set, and enjoy watching the show and the characters develop over the seasons. Definitely a time capsule of fashion, music, cultures, storylines, and so on–fun for those who lived through those years, or who simply enjoy classic tv.

  8. Edward stow

    Nice to see this series complete on DVD all worth looking at great product nicely boxed nicely delivered worth a look

  9. PJ

    This Box Set would be the highest quality set I have ever bought. The disks are individually packed in their own pouch and not stacked on top of each other like many other Box Sets now have. The disks are heavier and of good quality than what you normally get. The disks are contained in a good quality sturdy box. I would highly recommend this product.

  10. MR MUSIC

    One of those shows that just got better and better season after season with better writing and familiarity with the character who is one of those like Arnold and Clint that once they catch you can do no wrong

  11. Ayorinde

    Bought for my wife after she caught an episode seen at my mother’s. I remember watching them in the 70s,so was happy to buy the set.Only complaint is that after 4 series you’d think his colleagues and boss would appreciate him, instead of denigrating him all the time.Recommended.

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